Friday, January 12, 2018

Narrowing my focus (Fitness Friday)

So, I totally realize nobody wants to read my boring "health and wellness" accountability posts. No one is interested in this project...and that's okay. These posts, I guess, are more for me, as a record of what I'm accomplishing over time...and to keep me honest, since I'm reporting to an audience.

This month has been a slow start for me in the "fitness" department. I'm not surprised by that. It's the goal I'm the least interested in working for, but one I am very interested in accomplishing. If that makes any sense. Basically, I hate working out. I'd rather sit around writing and reading books, in my pajamas, than cook a healthy meal, say no to another glass of red wine, or get up and go run.

But, I dislike the shape my body is in. So there's that. I have almost surpassed a mark that I have not gone over since I was 9 months pregnant...making me the heaviest I have ever been, without an excuse.

Here's a quick run-down of this week...

Sunday: So, last week, I didn't do so well with my fitness goals. I have decided that I haven't narrowed my focus quite enough. My three priorities this year are marriage, health, and writing. I've managed to narrow marriage down to sex, and more specifically "taking initiative." With writing, I've narrowed it down to blogging on a daily basis (including my favored memes) and the added challenge of the Smut Marathon. And health...even though it is made up of so many things, I'm just focusing on "getting started" and moving my ass. So, while I will try to take all my vitamins, get enough sleep, hydrate more, drink less, and eat healthy, my real focus is just going to be MOVEMENT: yoga at least 2x per week and cardio at least 3x per week. This is just a start; I DO plan to increase things as I go. But, for now, an hour-long yoga class and 30 minutes of cardio 3x per week (a mix of body-weight exercises and walking on a treadmill) are what I can commit to, both time-wise and willpower-wise. I realize progress will be slow, but I'm okay with that. If I only had one priority right now, I might be able to devote more to it. But, as is stands, and since balance is really a myth, I have to give my energy where it is needed marriage.

Monday: Did it! It's only 7 pm right now, and I've already made 14,000 steps! Plus, I did my cardio workout and surpassed my mile goal, calorie-burn goal, and active minutes goal. I, however, pretty much failed miserably at my sleep goal, and I still need to drink another 32 oz before bed. Still, I'm proud of myself for finally beginning my workout regimen. I know it's only one day...but one day at a time, right? One fucking day at a time.

Tuesday: Yoga. Done! And it led me to this little gem of an epiphany. I did NOT drink enough water today, however...but I have been drinking less. I bought a bottle of wine on Sunday, and it's still not gone. that's one glass per night, folks! Progress. The real test will be when Mr. D is home...because when he drinks, I drink. I'm rather impressionable that way. I also did NOT make my 10,000 step goal. Guess I will have to get my ass up and moving more during my work day.

Wednesday: Each night this week, I have managed to sleep just a little bit more. And today, when I got home, I did not give into the excuses. I made a crappy, quick dinner and did my workout while it was in the oven. No apologies. Still didn't hydrate well, but almost got 6 hours of sleep! Why is that so fucking hard for me?

Thursday: Yoga. Done! I notice I get tired earlier as the week goes on. I definitely seem to start the week strong and then run out of steam by Thursday. I also tend to run out of motivation by then, as well. I have most of my energy and drive in the mid-morning before lunch and on Monday and Tuesday. Good to know for planning purposes, I guess.

Friday: Really crushed my rest day. Made my 10,000 steps, but went out for nachos and beers with the girls. And now I'm ready to sit my ass on the couch and watch TV. I'm not writing. I'm not commenting. I'm not working. I'm simply vegetating and marinating in the alcohol I have consumed.

On a super positive note...Mr. D is coming home tomorrow!!!!

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