Saturday, December 30, 2017

"Fuck, Blog, Run" - My goals for 2018

I've read a fair amount of self-help literature that focuses on writing a VISION for your life...where you want to be...WHO you want to be...WHOM you want to be, etc., etc. And, much like visualization and guided imagery, I do truly believe that this is something that can manifest what we want most in our lives. Creating a vision begins with considering priorities and goals.

I am trying to keep my priorities simple and focused and my goals specific and achievable.


My ONE THING = FUCK --- I want very much for my marriage to get back on track...which means, sex life needs to get back on track. That might sound back-ass-wards. I know a lot of psychiatrists and counselors would say we need to deal with our "intimacy issues" first. But, I know my marriage. And for us, sex comes first...because sex is the litmus. It is the measure of how everything else is going in the relationship. Sex is our nucleus. And I must begin with the nucleus. I'll be working on this throughout the year.

Priority #2 - I WANT TO BE A WRITER:

My ONE THING = BLOG --- I am happier and healthier (mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) when I am writing on a regular basis. The basis of my daily writing is wrapped up in the blog right now. I would love to just BE a writer...quit my job, write for a living, have a novel or two published, etc. It's a fantasy of mine. But, like any dream, I know I am the only thing getting in my own way. It won't happen this year, but steps can be taken. This year, my blog is going to become central for me. I'm simply going to work to get it back up and running and build a following that grows beyond the memes to which I submit. I've also joined the Smut Marathon. So we'll see where that takes me.


My ONE THING = RUN --- I've kind of let myself go the last few years. With all the stress we've had in our lives, both of us have gained weight and given ourselves over to laziness. My lethargy has manifested in more ways than just a lack of motivation for writing. I've just given up on being sexy...and I've lost my energy, my joie de vivre, my drive at work, and my passion for just plain having fun! I deserve better than that.

In 2017, I got myself back on the yoga mat. This year, I'm signing up for a 10K and getting myself back on the trail. Ultimately, I'd love to lose something like fifty pounds, but I know that weight is a faulty measure of health and has little to do with how I actually look. There are also a lot of other things I could do and focus, sleep, hydration, strength training, blah, blah, blah. If I just run...that's a start. 

So, there you have goals for 2018: FUCK, BLOG, own version of EAT, PRAY, LOVE...but no less intense or spiritually transforming - plus, I'm sure I'll be doing plenty of eating, praying, and loving this year, as well.

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Marie Rebelle said...

I am so happy that the Smut Marathon is one of your goals for this year! It's good to have goals, to focus. Just today I wrote my list too... let's see how it goes.
Happy New Year!

Rebel xox