Friday, January 5, 2018

The best laid plans...(Fitness Friday)

I have several books on my phone that I re-listen to periodically to remind myself of important concepts I have learned. I figure the more times I listen to something, the more likely I am to actually hear it. This week two concepts from The One Thing struck me, in relation to my New Year's goals. One is that you don't have to be a "disciplined" person; you just need to have enough discipline to develop a habit. When the habit becomes routine, you can maintain it without discipline. The book calls this selective discipline. The book also explains that we can only successfully implement this selective discipline to create one habit at a time.

When I heard that, I was struck by the fact that I may be trying, even with all my narrowed planning and prioritizing, to create too many habits at once.

This is rather obvious in the category of health & wellness.

Last year, I really focused on setting up a regular yoga practice. I did pretty well, too. And I'm continuing to do well. I wouldn't yet call it a habit, but it is definitely part of my regular routine. I'm pushing for five mornings a week (just 10 minutes), and I made four this week. I'm aiming for two to three classes per week, and so far I've made two. I think about it during the day and look forward to it. It's part of my thought process. So, even though I have to plan for it and fit it into my schedule, it's not something I have to force myself to do.

Exercise, on the other hand, is not something I want to do, so it's easy to put off or become to busy to attend to it. That happened this week. Really, I had no excuse Monday; I just chose to write all day and never got around to starting my program. I promised I'd make it up later in the week. I had an appointment Wednesday that ran late, and by the time I got home, I felt it was too late to workout. So I didn't. Again. And now it's Friday, and I find myself saying to myself...well, we'll just try that again next week.

Motivating myself to work out is hard...because it isn't something I enjoy. Motivating myself to go to yoga is easy...because I love it.

My health goals are maybe bigger than I had initially considered. Trying to improve my exercise habits along with sleep, hydration, detox, and alcohol intake is likely too much for my brain to take. And, based on what I listened to early this week from The One Thing, I'm not going to be very successful with any of them if I don't just choose one to focus on and let the rest go for now.

Side note, but related:
I heard a comedian earlier this week making fun of women who tattoo the word "breathe" on the inside of their wrists, as if it's stupid to have to remind yourself to keep up with a bodily function that is already going to happen without your interference or focus. I get the joke, of course, but I honestly do need to remind myself to breathe, and to get enough sleep, and to drink enough water, and to get up and move my ass. For some people, these things are just normal bodily functions that happen without much resolve or intention. I envy those people for whom these things are already habits.

I'm going to think about my fitness goals a bit more this weekend. With all the focus I'm putting into improving my marriage (which is a bigger priority for me right now), it takes away from the focus I can give to other things. My health is important, too, though. And it's not like I can really say, you know...screw my health until my marriage is back on track, because my health is actually a part of it. My health affects my attitude, my libido, my self-image, and my energy. And all of these things are directly tied to how I treat myself and others, namely my husband. So...I'm sort of stuck here. I feel like I have to attack all three of my priorities at once (marriage/sex, fitness/cardio, and writing/blogging) at once because they are all pivotal to my well-being.


Well, I guess next week is a new week, eh? So, I'll get back on the horse and keep riding. And if I fall off again, I'll just keep getting back on. This week, I didn't sleep enough, I didn't hydrate enough, I drank too much, I didn't have ANY real sex (ugh!), and well...I just didn't quite make any of my goals.

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