Sunday, January 14, 2018

Top 3 of the Week

When I Was Sixteen Frisky in the 916 - Awwwww....that's pretty much what I have to say about this one. I love knowing that teenage boys are just as sensitive as teenage girls when it comes to first love and first experiences. I repeatedly appreciate Jack's male perspective on sex and love. This post is a good example of why. He writes with detail, emotion, and breathes life into his "characters" so the reader feels like he or she is there, perusing these memories right along side the writer.

A Late Replacement Books 1799 - I basically read and read all week. I comment because I know I need to network, and because I like something about what I read. But occasionally, something read stops me in my tracks and stays with me for days. This piece did just that. It left me with the essence of emotion, like a ghost, that haunts, grips, and holds hostage. The characters in this story are perfectly crafted, and the plot moves like soft ocean waves. There is a sadness in this story. But it left me with a smile. I'll be reading for of Books 1799.

Confessions of  Kinky Housewife - I found this site via TMI Tuesday. It wasn't her TMI Tuesday post that grabbed me (those rarely do), but the other posts I read while I was visiting grabbed my attention enough that I added her to my "community" links, so I can follow her smart, short opinion pieces from here on out.

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