Welcome to my little slice of the internet. This is sort of like my closet...where I let my skeletons roam free and share their dirty little secrets.

Like a lot of sex-bloggers, I'm a pretty private person in my day-to-day life. I live in a small town and am part of a community (socially and professionally) that would never accept me for the person that I'm allowed to be here.

So, dear readers, I thank you for the opportunity to share, and grow, and create, with you by my side. Just knowing that you are out there, lurking silently or commenting openly, makes me feel connected to you.

What I share here are stories of my less-than-perfect marriage and sex life, commentary of sexual issues, erotic fiction and poetry, as well as some amateur photography.

For years, as a blogger, I noticed that readers tended only to read and comment on the posts I created
for memes (Wicked Wednesday, Masturbation Monday, Sinful Sunday, TMI Tuesday, Flash Fiction Friday) and e-lust. I started to dislike blogging because I focused on these publications rather than just blogging out my secret life as I had intended. This time around, the focus of this blog is my life. And I'm okay with it if that's not what people want to read. I have a few vanilla blogs that I follow and love - blogs that focus on the writers' struggles and transformation. Their memoir style blogs inspire me. And I think it's time we have one that delved into the the secret corners of a person's life. There are a gazillion places to read about marriage. What makes it good and what makes it not so good. And there are some books and websites about sex and marriage. But, putting the memoir aspect into an ongoing story about a writer's sex life is a place that just doesn't get enough action.

So, sit back, put your feet up, get a favorite beverage and read what you want to read on this blog. But know that my aim here is to document my life, explore what works in sex and marriage, and be honest about what doesn't.

Thanks for being here. Your presence is appreciated.

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