Friday, January 19, 2018

Fitness Friday - Confessions Edition (depressing, to say the least)

I weigh 200 pounds. 


I was going to get to that later, but I figured, it's the thing that's raging my brain and making me crazy right's the thing that makes me want to climb right back in bed, pull the covers over my head and just go back to sleep. 

Two hundred pounds. Two HUNDRED pounds. TWO HUNDRED pounds. 


So, let's get the excuses out of the way. I've been basically bed-ridden all week. I did go to work yesterday...AND yoga, finally...but the rest of the week, my ass has been parked.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Eating Out (fiction)

So, I've been super sick all week. It's definitely cut into my writing...and pretty much everything else in my life. I've been home, basically vegetating on the couch, reading, and sleeping. I'm back to work today, but not feeling 100%. I'll probably hit my yoga class, but otherwise, I'm taking it easy until next Monday.

The nice thing is...Throwback Thursday doesn't take much work from me, so here it is - a story from way back in 2010. It was inspired by an actual restaurant and its actual wait-staff. My husband and I both had a bit of a crush on a particular waitress and a particular bartender/waiter. They were lovely and young and a little on the drama-laden, crazy side. We used to go there and tease and fantasize about what we would do if we ever got them alone. So, here it is...

Eating Out

It was an ordinary night, dinner out at their favorite Italian restaurant.  They liked the place for lots of reasons, an excellent wine list, rich food, decadent desserts; the delicious wait staff was an added bonus.  She’d been frequenting the wine bar there since before they’d even met, eying the Botticelli boy behind the counter...the slicked back brunette ponytail, the chiseled jawline, the clean lines of his white shirt and black slacks.  Hazel green eyes, trained to flirt just the right amount with the customers, made me lick my lips, thighs tightening.  It was always where I went, for a voluptuous glass of zinfandel and an eyeful of sexual inspiration.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Truth (TMI Tuesday)

1. A friend gave you a pie touting it as a favorite family recipe, and you ate this pie and got sick–or had an allergic reaction. The friend calls a few days later to ask, “How did you like the pie?” What would you say?
Maybe I'm missing the point here...but I ask this "friend" what might have gone wrong with the family recipe. I might inquire as to the ingredients, to see if it was something on my end. Then I might encourage this "friend" to avoid giving me pies in the future.
2. Your significant other really wants to try the “swingers’ lifestyle” but you really do not want to do this. Do you:
a. Tell him/her no, you are not interested
b. Do it, and go along to make her/him happy
c. Say yes, because you’ll try anything once
d. Say no, with no explanation and forbid your significant other from venturing into swinging.

On the path to rebuilding

Mr. D brought me a special present from his business trip. A nasty cold. Hence missing out on Masturbation Monday, yesterday, which sucks, because I was looking forward to writing up part 2 of "What's in the Bag?" But I suppose that can marinate for another week.

I didn't do ANY writing yesterday. Basically, I napped, watched TV, and sat around reading all day. The benefit of that, however (and there were actually several, since it was gloomy and I had nothing planned anyway), is that I finished my first book of the year and made significant progress on the behemoth I have now committed myself to.

I did not work out, so basically January is turning into a bit of a fail in the "fitness" arena. (Not counting yoga, I've worked out twice.)

And I didn't have sex (not particularly looking my hottest, despite what this photo might be attempting to persuade you to believe). So...January is also not looking particularly successful in the "sex" camp, either. We had sex the day Mr. D left for his business trip and the day after he returned, which smells suspiciously of obligation.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday, reading in bed (photography)

I just finished Stephen King's Bag of Bones last night (not bad...I'd give it 3.5 or 4 out of 5). It's been a long time since I read any King, but my husband has been coercing me to read both The Stand and The Dark Tower series for some time now. I guess I'm going to give in. Somehow he just can't wrap his head around that fact that I love everything dystopian and haven't read either of these before. I think it's less about not having gotten around to it and more about committing to these magnum opi. It's hard to get physically comfortable with a book that big.

But here we go. My first book of the year is finished...and my second just begun.

Top 3 of the Week

When I Was Sixteen Frisky in the 916 - Awwwww....that's pretty much what I have to say about this one. I love knowing that teenage boys are just as sensitive as teenage girls when it comes to first love and first experiences. I repeatedly appreciate Jack's male perspective on sex and love. This post is a good example of why. He writes with detail, emotion, and breathes life into his "characters" so the reader feels like he or she is there, perusing these memories right along side the writer.

A Late Replacement Books 1799 - I basically read and read all week. I comment because I know I need to network, and because I like something about what I read. But occasionally, something read stops me in my tracks and stays with me for days. This piece did just that. It left me with the essence of emotion, like a ghost, that haunts, grips, and holds hostage. The characters in this story are perfectly crafted, and the plot moves like soft ocean waves. There is a sadness in this story. But it left me with a smile. I'll be reading for of Books 1799.

Confessions of  Kinky Housewife - I found this site via TMI Tuesday. It wasn't her TMI Tuesday post that grabbed me (those rarely do), but the other posts I read while I was visiting grabbed my attention enough that I added her to my "community" links, so I can follow her smart, short opinion pieces from here on out.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Narrowing my focus (Fitness Friday)

So, I totally realize nobody wants to read my boring "health and wellness" accountability posts. No one is interested in this project...and that's okay. These posts, I guess, are more for me, as a record of what I'm accomplishing over time...and to keep me honest, since I'm reporting to an audience.

This month has been a slow start for me in the "fitness" department. I'm not surprised by that. It's the goal I'm the least interested in working for, but one I am very interested in accomplishing. If that makes any sense. Basically, I hate working out. I'd rather sit around writing and reading books, in my pajamas, than cook a healthy meal, say no to another glass of red wine, or get up and go run.

But, I dislike the shape my body is in. So there's that. I have almost surpassed a mark that I have not gone over since I was 9 months pregnant...making me the heaviest I have ever been, without an excuse.

Here's a quick run-down of this week...