Monday, January 1, 2018

Goals for improving my sex life in 2018

As I sit here considering what to write for Masturbation Monday, I find myself fresh out of creative energy. I've been working on my blog design all day, avoiding "real" work. I never even got out of my pajamas. And the time I wasn't devoting to blog design, I was devoting to setting priorities and creating goals for the coming year. It was actually a mentally and emotionally exhausting day.

But, I guess where that leaves me is here...considering what I hope for my sex life in 2018:

1. More actual passionate kisses goodbye and hello, rather than those complacent, pedestrian pecks on the lips we've fallen into the habit of giving. When I kiss him in the morning, I want to kiss him like I may never see him again...because I might not...we never know.

2. More sex: Yes, we sort of fell off the sex wagon. And we desperately need to get back on. I'm attempting to remedy this. I have a project this year that is intended to help me get back on the wagon, one step at a time. My theme for January is "showing initiative."

3. More creativity and the bedroom: I am terrible at this. I'm not great at initiating sex, nor am I great at creativity. It's my plan to improve in this regard. I'm thinking maybe my theme for February will be "showing ingenuity."

4. More intimacy: We've lost touch of each other these past few years, but we've made the promise to recommit to each other and reconnect.

5. More adventure: It's something he's been wanting from me for a long time. We've been together for 12 years, and it's common to get bored and complacent. We need a bit of an adventure injection.

So there it is...

I guess it's time to come up with a Sexual Bucket List...What do you have on yours? Give me some of your great ideas! I could use them!


Kayla Lords said...

I think these are lovely goals and I'm glad you had the opportunity to think about them and share them with us. :)

Southern Sir said...

Those are wonderful goals for the new year. While I'm not one to make resolutions I do set goals and some of mine are similar to yours.

Brigit Delaney said...

I'm not much for resolutions, either. It feels sort of like a set up. But goals? Yes...goals are simply what we do to improve our situations. And even if I don't achieve them, it's the working toward them that counts.

Nero Black said...

Your marriage/partnership sound like mine! I could have written most of this. I think women underestimate the need to initiate from time to time. The sex peters out in some long term relationships because in a hundred different ways one partner has rebuffed the others sexual advances, to the point one stops trying. If a guy has stopped trying you need to wake him up by initiating.