Saturday, February 10, 2018

Inner Thigh (photography)

Feb. 1-7 - fun with photo filters (color)
Feb. 8-14 - things I don't like about my body
Back Roll
Inner Thigh
Feb. 15-21 - things I love about my body
Feb. 22-28 - black and white

I've had a contentious relationship with my inner thighs. They've made it difficult for me to manage shorts (since they rub together and cause the fabric to wad up unattractively). They've also led to my insecurity about wearing thigh high stockings. I always feel like I have these great lumps of skin that sort of sit like a wad of dough and spill out over the edges of the elastic. And they've forced me to wear slip shorts (to keep from chafing) when I wear skirts and dresses. Even at my thinnest, my thighs have rubbed together. It's just my body type. I know that. But, I wish they were smoother...and more toned. 

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