Sunday, February 11, 2018

Areola (photography)

Feb. 1-7 - fun with photo filters (color)
Feb. 8-14 - things I don't like about my body
Back Roll
Inner Thigh
Feb. 15-21 - things I love about my body
Feb. 22-28 - black and white

I have large, amoeba-like areolas (or is that areoli?). It didn't used to be that way, before childbirth. And when I'm turned on, they firm up, tighten, and darken to pleasing shade of creamy rose. Most days, however, they are soft, and splotchy, and unimpressive. Maybe that is just because I look at them every day, and see every hair, pimple, bump, and imperfection. In photos, they don't look half bad...gravity pulls my breasts into a pleasing tear-drop shape, and the nipples happily continue to respond to various stimuli. I don't hate my breasts. In fact, I quite adore them. But...they could behave better. For example, I have ridiculously sensitive nipples (especially the right one). It drives my husband mad, because trying to play with them or suckle them usually leads me into fits of giggles that are less than sexy and certainly not conducive to steamy sex. I've thought about piercing them (or at least the right one) in an attempt to dull the sensitivity, but I'm afraid I would literally skyrocket out of the chair and cause a scene as soon as the piercing gun grabbed hold. 


Elliott Henry said...

Love this sexy fun and colorful shot. Oh, btw, I like your belly.

Johnny come lately said...

I really like your body.
Does it for me.

Southern Sir said...

A very sexy and fun shot.

Brigit Delaney said...

Thank you! The more I hear it from others, the more I try to feel the same way. I think we are all too hard on ourselves.

Brigit Delaney said...

Thank you! February is definitely your month, then...2 1/2 more weeks of photos!

Jo said...

Your breasts have been used to nourish living humans (er - or at least they have the function of being able to!); I'd say that's pretty darn impressive! :)

Marie Rebelle said...

Lovely image!

Rebel xox