Monday, January 8, 2018

What's in the Bag? part 1 (fiction)

Emily looked into the bag she had brought with her into the kitchen and felt minutely silly over its contents. Spicing things up in the bedroom was not her strong suit, and she found herself too often falling back on cliche, rather worn-out ideas. Not that he'd likely care. Cliche or not, if she were trying, Sam would be pleased enough.

Emily missed her sex life, even though she was the biggest reason it had dwindled to near nothingness. She had promised Sam that she would work harder to bring things back, that she'd actually go to some lengths to show him that she still wanted him. That she could speak his language, so to speak, and feed his deepest sexual needs.

She shook the bag a bit and watched the smaller pieces of silicone and stainless steel bounce around the larger stainless steel item she'd purchased, furrowing her brow and wondering how on earth she was going to go about the introduction of these little accessories.

Best, probably, simply to begin, and not think it through too much. She took a deep breath and called out, "Hey, Sam?"

From the back room she heard him respond, "Yeah, hon...whatcha need?"

"Could you come help me in the kitchen for a moment, babe? I need help heating something up." Immediately, she felt dumb for her choice of words. Her attempts to be cute and sexy just always seemed to come out sounding awkward and clunky.

"What? Heating something up? Why do you need my help with that?" He sounded confused, and Emily supposed that was at least somewhat equal to her current feeling of anxiety and self-consciousness.

"Just come here, please," she replied loudly, with an apprehensive sigh.

"Just a sec...I'm coming..."

Not yet, you aren't...but hopefully soon, she thought to herself.

Sam came walking down the hallway, in his shorts and t-shirt, barefoot and just a tad disheveled. He appeared a little stressed. Whatever project she'd interrupted seemed to be taxing his nerves; hopefully what she was planning to serve up would be a welcome distraction, regardless of how clumsy she might be at presenting it.

She held up the bag and shook it.

"I bought you a little something...." She almost sang the words, letting the final syllable trail off, and smiled crookedly while suggestively raising one eyebrow.

"Oh, yeah? What might that be...sounds like a bunch of keys...or a triangle. So you either bought me a set of antique prison keys or you are expecting me to play percussion back-up in a very horrible band. Which is it?"

"Neither. And you're weird." Emily smiled at his ridiculous sense of humor, and found herself relaxing just a bit. At least he was in a good mood.

"I need you to do something for me," she said.

" said you needed help heating something up? What the fuck does that mean?"

"Well, how about you take off all your clothes, lay on the bed, close your eyes, and let me show you?" The words rolled so quickly off her tongue she couldn't take them back. There they were...out there...and his reaction was pending.

His eyebrows raised and he simply let out a "hmm" sound as he pursed his lips. Intrigued...that's what she'd call his current facial status.

"Well? Why are you still standing there?" She breathed in her nervousness and let out the words with a dusting of as much incredulity as she could muster in her present hesitant state. She wanted to come off as secure and confident, but mostly she felt like an impostor in her own skin.

No matter...she was going to do this...and do it well.

"Yes, ma'am," he replied, and let his shorts drop to the floor as he pulled his t-shirt over his head. Naked, he left his clothes in a pile on the kitchen floor and almost skipped into the bedroom.

"I don't know what you've got up your sleeve, woman, but I'm game."

Emily followed Sam into the bedroom with her bag of goodies. When she reached the bed, where Sam was already sprawled, he sat up enough to grab hold of her waist and pull her toward him.

"You gonna get naked, too?"

"Soon enough..." she smiled, pushing him away and looking at him through her eyelashes, "First I've got some presents for you."

She looked into the bag she held and reached inside, pulling out a silicone cock and ball ring. She held up the figure eight and showed him, "First this. before you get any bigger there, cowboy."

Emily climbed onto the bed, spread his legs, and sat on her heels between his knees.

"Oooo-kay...." He nodded with a look of surprised approval.

She took his just-awakening penis in her left hand and began to softly touch it to life, just enough to make it stand free from his thigh. Letting go, she used both hands to spread the silicone hole wide enough to slide it over the head of his dick and down to the base of the shaft.

"How's that feel?" she asked.

"'s fine," he was smiling and seeming rather amused as he watched her spread the other half of the silicone ring with one hand and tease his ball sack through it.

"Now to get you harder..." Emily smiled and slipped backward off the bed. She pushed the power button on the stereo and began slowly unbuttoning her shirt to the music. Sam just lay back and enjoyed the show, as she let the shirt fall to the floor and began to unbutton and unzip her jeans. She turned around so her panty-clad rear would be his next view. She pushed her jeans slowly down her legs and bent forward to pull her feet out of them. She hoped he liked the view as she revealed her little lace surprise.

Reaching behind her back, she reached between her shoulder blades and undid her bra; then she turned toward him and let it slowly fall away from her breasts, exposing her already hard nipples. Standing there, smiling, she bit her bottom lip and blushed as she let the bra fall to the floor, leaving her in nothing but her lace panties. Like a slinky cat, she climbed back onto the bed and crawled back between his legs, where his cock was thickening.

She licked the just under the tip, then traced her tongue around the underside of the head. Deciding he was hard enough for the next toy, she reached over his leg to the bag that was lying beside him. Feeling around inside, she found what she was looking for and pulled out the stainless steel ring. Emily held it up to her mouth and began to lick the inside of the ring, letting her saliva lubricate it. She placed it at the head of his cock, wrapped her hand around the shaft, and slipped it over the head to fit right under it. As it wasn't quite tight enough to stay in place the way she wanted it to, she leaned down and took the head of his penis in her mouth and began to slowly run her tongue around and over and under the head, finally taking the whole of his prick into her mouth.

The metal was hard against the roof of her mouth, and as she let his cock expand into her tongue and cheeks and the back of her throat, she could only imagine the sensations this was going to introduce to her pussy.

She grew hotter and wetter at the thought.

Sliding her mouth up to the tip of his dick again, sucking hard, she tested the hold of the metal ring. It seemed stable, so she let him go and sat back to view her handy work. He was hard, and the skin of his penis was pulled tight against his erection, his balls turning slightly more purple, his dick a stunning shade of crimson.

He was ready. And so was she.

She slipped her fingers between her legs and spread her lips. Straddling him, her cunt found him easily and slid over him. She felt the balls of the cock ring enter her. Resting her weight on his pelvis, she began to rock back and forth, grinding against him, filling herself with him.

But the cock rings made him impatient, and he rolled her over onto her back so that he could thrust with greater precision and impact. When he fucked her hard, she came with a gush, and that turned him on so much he usually came right after.

Emily noted, eyes rolling back and a moan caught in her throat, that the steel ring caught perfectly on the ridge that guarded her g-spot. With every pull and push, she found herself losing more and more control as the orgasm built. The could feel the beginning, like a surge of electricity in her chest, her belly, her thighs. As it exploded, and she felt her cum begin to seep around his plunging cock, her limbs melted and her head rolled back.

But he wasn't done yet.

"Roll over," he directed. And she did so, her pussy dripping with her own spent desire. She got onto all fours, sticking her ass in the air. He placed his hand the soaked lace, slid his dick back inside of her, and proceeded to fuck her hard. Hard enough that she could feel the bones in his pelvis hitting hers, tempting bruises to the surface as later proof of the intensity.

Emily fell forward onto her forearms, her face pressed into the bed. Sam reached down and grabbed hold of a handful of her hair, pulling back until her she found herself looking up the wall toward the ceiling. It hurt. But it hurt good, and she felt her nipples harden and her insides begin to wrap tighter around him as he moved within her.

They were both moaning and grunting and yelling out...wordless appeals and lust-laden groans. It was as if they could not fuck hard enough or go deep enough to release the pent up urges.

Until suddenly, his body tensed, and she knew it was time.

Quickly, wide-eyed and ready, she pulled away from him, yelling out, "Come on me! I want to feel your cum dripping down my back!"

And so he did. And it did. He spurted hot cum across her skin, and she heard him, grunting like a pained animal, and felt him, lurching and tensing with the exertion.

Afterward, as they lay there in a messy, sweaty, cum-covered, sticky heap, Sam whispered, "What the shit got into you, hellcat?"

Emily, looked at him, leaning over her, "I don't know. Sometimes it just comes's like it goes dormant for months or years and when it comes out it's desperate and hungry and can't possibly get enough to be satiated."

He sighed, "I wish it came out more. I love your dirty side."

"Really...?" She replied. "Cause if so, you're gonna love what else is in that bag."

"Oh, yeah?"

"Take a peek."

He reached over and grabbed the bag. His eyes widened a bit, "Huh...that's a thing?" He looked upward, toward the ceiling, pensive, considering. And then he nodded.

"Uh, huh...and we're gonna use it next time," she smiled and winked, "Guess you've got something to think about now, don't you?"

You'll have to read next Monday, for the continuation of this story, to find out what's in the bag...

Mr. D is out of town this week, so showing initiative is harder, even though that is my goal this month. I'm sending this story to him, via email, as a bedtime story, though. And maybe, just maybe, I'll buy him the surprise that is in the bag...the one you have to come back to read about next week. The one that will likely have Mr. D scratching his head and saying..."Hmmm...okay..." And for sure...I've got to have some of those adorable panties.

I'm also sending him other little stories. And as he gets closer to returning, I'll step up my game, to get him heated up before he gets home.


indie said...

Oh what a fun teaser. I can't wait to find out whats in the bag!

Brigit Delaney said...

I did that for a few, to give myself some fodder for next week's MM; two, to keep the story from getting too long for one post; and, three, to keep Mr. D guessing.

I'm glad you liked it. It took me way longer to write than anticipated. I sat down at 7:30 and didn't find myself going to bed until almost 11.

May More said...

Wow sam was a lucky boy!

Kayla Lords said...

Oh that was GOOD...and also, I can't wait to find out what's in the bag!

Southern Sir said...

I really really loved this, their desire to spice things up, her hesitation. It is fun and sexy...Has me wondering about that bag.