Monday, January 29, 2018

TMI Tuesday

1. I will never again _____ .
I don't believe in the word "never." There is always a time or a circumstance that will make "never" inapplicable. 
2. I stash _____ in my closet.
I don't stash things in my closet...except at Christmas...I stash my kid's presents in there.
3. Are you embarrassed when strangers start talking about their sex life to you?
Absolutely. I'm not much into talking with strangers, anyway. I'm even socially awkward about small sex-talk is completely off-limits. 
4. Would you date someone who is celibate? I'm not sure I could see the point. I'd be friends with them...but if there's no sex? No. Which, of course, makes me feel guilty, because I've been the reason we've had a near sexless marriage for several years. And I was the first to argue that we had more important connections than sex. mouth, insert foot. 
Crow tastes bad, m'kay?
5. What percentage does each of these activities–work, play, household, sex, rest/sleep have in your life? (Must equal 100%)
In a regular week of 168 hours...
Work 25%
Play 24%
House/Errands/Appointments 15%
Sex (less than 1% if you count the actual "act" rather than thinking, reading, or writing about it)
Rest/sleep 30%
Fitness 5%
Ow...that was painful. I'm not sure I wanted to face that information. And now there is no un-facing it. And especially in light of question 4. 
Crow tastes REALLY fucking bad, m'kay?
Bonus: How do you decompress at the end of each day? How would you like to decompress at the end of each day?
How I do... A glass of wine and a book...or TV.
How I would like to...A massage, a soak in the hot tub, kicking back on a white sandy beach watching the sunset...

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