Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sunlight (Final February PhotoFest 2018)

This is the me that my husband loves. This photo was taken the morning after a hotel takeover. It was a New Year's affair somewhere near Seattle a few years ago. We'd had a lovely time, mainly people-watching. We met up with a couple we'd had some very hot sex with several weeks before. We (me, my husband, and the other couple) had drinks, and laughs, and less exciting sex (than the first time)...but in the morning, when it was just Mr. D and myself, we lazed around the hotel room, enjoyed the sunlight, and he took several photos of me. I loved the way they turned out. Everything about these photos made me feel sexy. In this one, I wore his shirt. It still smelled of his cologne.

And those shoes! So worth the blisters.

With that...February Photofest 2018 ends. It was challenging to come up with an image every day, but I'm glad I did it.

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Marie Rebelle said...

Another gorgeous image. It seems hotels are the best place to be sexy, right?

Rebel xox