Friday, February 9, 2018

Establishing routines (Fitness Friday)

This week wasn't too bad in the "setting a habit" department." I'm still not hydrating enough. I've got to find better was to make myself drink more water during the day, because I know it helps with focus, weight loss, digestions, and pretty much everything else.

Last Friday, I weighed in at 194.5 lbs. I know that weight isn't the best measure of progress, because when adding muscle, most of us gain weight (at least at first). And when toning, we often don't lose pounds, we lose inches. I'm cognizant of that, but I'm still weighing. This week, I'm ending at 198 lbs. FUCK!

Here's a run down of my week:

Last Saturday, I finally committed and signed up for 10K that takes place in June. I also planned out a training schedule for next 15 weeks to help me accomplish this. We have a pretty well-known half and full marathon that take place here every year, and I had initially planned to sign up for the half. I've actually walked/run it before (3 times), but I want to run the whole thing. So, I figure a lofty, but more realistic, goal was the 10k this year and the half next year.

Sunday, I completed Day 3 of my 5K training (week 1 training exercises DONE!). I am having to wrap my knees at this point. I've always had outspoken knees, but I've gone to the doctor and had them x-rayed, and there is nothing physically wrong with them. I have a tiny bit of arthritis beginning, but not enough to say I can't or shouldn't be running. Mostly, I think it is caused by inactivity, my weight, and my novice gait. I am going to buy some runners' tape and compression socks to see if those help. I am still mostly walking during my training. It includes a 10 minute warm-up and then walk/run drills, followed by 10 minutes of free-form (run or walk as comfortable). I managed 2 minute-and-a-half runs during the free-form and walked the rest of the time.

Monday, I started over with Metabolic Aftershock, just to get some quick strength training in. It isn't my focus (the cardio is), but I realize that being stronger will make losing weight easier and will make running easier.

Tuesday, I completed Day 4 of my 5K training on Tuesday. During the free-form time, I completed 3 minute-and-a-half runs and had no shin splints! I still had to stop often and stretch my calves and hamstrings. I do stretch before and after I train, but my calves and hamstrings tend to sort of seize up periodically.

Wednesday, I did another Metabolic Aftershock, workout. I weighed in at 197+. WTF? I was a little pissed. I may have to stay off the scale, as it sort takes a swing at my motivation when I see I'm "making no progress." I know better than that, but the numbers glare at me and judge.

Thursday: Day 5 of 5K training on Thursday. DID. NOT. WANT. to get out of bed. I managed two 2-minute-runs during free-form and had no shin splints. I made it my furthest distance - 1.82 miles/32 minutes (turtle slow, I know). I also did Yoga after work.

At this point in the week, I was feeling pretty worn out and drained.

Friday: I'm tired. And unmotivated. So, I opted to push my Metabolic Aftershock to Sunday and use it as a pre-run workout. Saturday will be my rest day (every week). And I'll complete my last run of the week Sunday.

I'll say that working out at 5 in the morning is hard, but I like having it out of the way. It's harder to motivate myself to workout after work, but working out in the morning leads to me feeling more tired at the end of the day. That makes going to bed at a reasonable time is easier. However, it IS cutting into my "husband time." And I think it's taking a toll there. When I am beat and ready to go to bed at 8:30 or 9:00, it leaves us less than an hour of adult time. I'm also not feeling energetic enough to want sex. So there's that.

I'd love to have enough time in a day to actually sleep 8 hours AND work out in the evenings while still writing and keeping up with all my relationships. But, I've yet to find a way, other than simply not working. And that isn't an option.

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