Monday, December 18, 2017

Unadorned (fiction)

It had been a hard day. He'd wrapped up several loose ends on some old cases, completed hours of paperwork, returned dozens of phone calls, and grinned and nodded to too many directives from his superiors. He was ready to get the hell out of traffic, pull in to his driveway, and shut the world away for the evening.

As the garage door closed behind him, he gathered his things and hefted his weighed-down frame out of his car.

The smells from the kitchen greeted him well before he opened the door to the mud-room. He smiled and just barely started to let his day go. The mud-room was part of the laundry room, which led directly into the kitchen. He opened the door.

Liddie was in the kitchen, clad in a simple gray t-shirt and a pair of worn-out jeans. The kids were at the table doing homework.

"Hi, dad!" the kids looked up from their computers and papers and smiled.

Liddie turned around and smiled softly, her eyes lighting up right along with the corners of her lips. She looked genuinely happy to see him. Padding barefoot across the kitchen, she made her way toward him. She reached both her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.

Whispers of "Ewww...." escaped from the homework-laden table, but it didn't stop Liddie.

"Hey, babe..." she smiled her naughtiest grin and raised her eyebrow, "I managed to get the upper room all cleared out for the floor guys to show up tomorrow. Come see..." She took his hand and led him toward the stairs, as he pulled at his tie with one hand and unbuttoned the top buttons of his shirt. Smiling back at him, he breathed out, grateful for the distraction she always seemed to know how to provide.

It was like she knew, well before he even pulled into the driveway that he was in need of a dose of it.

When he cleared the final stair, she turned to face him, slipping her hands into his back pockets, pulling him close. He pushed her against the wall, his own hands sliding up her sides, under her shirt.

"Come see..."

He slowly backed her into the room, now empty of everything except for a mattress on the floor.

Liddie pushed his hands away and walked backward a few steps. She put up her hand, motioning him to stay put and then placed her finger on her lips to keep him quiet. She bit her lip a bit and winked at him. And then she slowly slipped her shirt over her head.

He felt himself come to life with the appearance of her breasts...smooth, and just heavy enough to make them look like two plump pears. She dropped the t-shirt on the floor beside her and began to slowly unzip her jeans. He smiled as she bent over to push them down her thighs and away from her ankles. Her breasts swung gently, and a few strands of her hair fell away from the elastic.

In nothing but a pair of plain, white cotton panties and her wedding ring, she stood before him. Twelve years his lover, and he still could not find anything more beautiful in its unadorned state than she was.

She pulled the elastic from her hair and let it fall around her shoulders.

He walked toward her and let her unbutton his shirt, slipping her hands over his shoulders to pull the sleeves down. She then pulled his undershirt his belted waistband, pushed it up over his torso and let him complete the job, while she undid his belt, unzipped his pants, and pulled them to the floor. On her knees, she unlaced his shoes, and he stepped out of them. She took his hands and pulled him down to her on the mattress. Placing herself between his knees on the carpeted floor, she removed his socks, and ran her hands up the backs of his calves, to his thighs, and finally the creases between his thighs and his pelvis.

Her hair fell softly across his erect cock, as she kissed a trail from his navel to the tip of his dick.

"What about dinner and the kids?" he asked absently.

"Aw....they'll be fine for awhile. Dinner will keep."

"I don't think it'll take too long," he said, a catch in his breath, as she placed her lips around the head of his cock and slid her tongue around the bottom of the shaft, pushing down toward his balls. She wrapped her hands around them, and her middle finger began to gently massage his perineum.

Her mouth, soft and warm around him, sucked every thought of the day from his head. He reached down to her and took her hair in his hands, arching his back and containing the sounds he wanted to let loose.

It didn't take too long. He exploded into her with several stifled grunts, his hands holding tightly onto her hair. And when he was fully done, he released her hair and relaxed completely.

Liddie sat back on her knees, reached up her hand to wipe a drip from the corner of her mouth, and smiled the same smile she'd greeted him wth in the kitchen: the cat who caught the canary.

"We'd better get to dinner. The kids'll start to wonder what happened to us."

Dressing quickly, she headed back off down the stairs.

"Get comfortable," she said yelled back up to him, "I'll pour the wine."


Anonymous said...

next monday he eats first... the kids can seriously eat cold cereal twice a week for sure. sharing your enthusiasm for the skill set too. thanks for sharing. xxx

Southern Sir said...

What a welcome home, they seem like a fun couple.