Tuesday, December 26, 2017

My top 3 blogging superheroes

#1: Marie Rebel

Marie Rebel of Rebel's Notes and the curator of Wicked Wednesday has been an inspiration to me for some time. She was one of the first sex bloggers I followed, when I started this gig in 2010, and her's was one of the first memes I got involved with. As I have disappeared and reappeared again, she has always been there to welcome me back, encourage me (as a writer and as a person), and somehow finds the time to do so for so many other bloggers. She is a true icon of this writing community, and she amazes me. Through all of her own personal struggles and work and life, she has managed to keep up a blog, run a meme that is now on its 291st prompt, and revive the Smut Marathon. Holy hell! I can barely keep up with writing my own little blog on a semi-regular basis.

#2: Molly Moore

Molly is another of those superstars of the sex-blogging community. She has managed several of her own projects (most notably, The Pussy Pride Project) and memes and also heads up e-lust, which offers a fabulous publishing opportunity for the rest of us. She's helped me and inspired me as a blogger and writer, and, like Marie, I love to see the real person behind her online presence that she shares in her blog posts. Her photos are impressive, and her Sinful Sunday meme has challenged me to take photos and share myself in a way I may otherwise never have dared.

#3: Kayla Lords

Superstar sex-blogger #3 for me is Kayla Lords. She runs Masturbation Monday and has a podcast/blog (which I am new to) called Loving BDSM. I applaud her vulnerability and strength and courage. She is another writer, like Marie and Molly, who manages to have several balls in the air at once (naughty pun intended). I'm always so impressed by bloggers like Kayla, though I have to admit, it intimidates me a bit, because I feel like I would fall apart if I were running so many things at once. It takes dedication, organization, and creativity...three things which Kayla seems to have in spades.


Molly said...

Aww thank you very much for the lovely mention and I find myself in awesome company here too


Marie Rebelle said...

Thank you so much for this, Brigit. Things have just grown to what they are today and I cannot imagine my life anymore without being busy with all this, busy with the community and working one or all of my blogs. Thanks for being part of all of this :)

Love to see Molly and Kayla here too, whom I think of as my blogging sisters.

Rebel xox

May More said...

definitely the top 3 inspirational bloggers on the block ;-)